DBZ Guitars Presentation

July 14 2012, Musicland Digital had the privilege to present Alejandro Lobo, one of the most notorious guitar players, in the Venezuelan music scenario, for Rock and Metal. Alejandro played several models of DBZ Guitars models, like Barchetta, Bolero, Bird of Prey, and the Acoustic Tuscan, showing the beauty, outstanding performance and versatility of each particular model. Main Amplification for the guitars was provided by the Jet City JCA50H, which let the audience impressed with flavors of American Crunch and British Distortion while keeping the purity of each note played. On the clean side the JCA50H excelled too, the DBZ Guitars sounded amazingly rich with Harmonics, producing screaming high notes and powerful Mid and Low Tones. It was a great experience for professional musicians and beginners that attended the event, being a great opportunity for the audience to appreciate the Sound possibilities with this combination of DBZ Guitars and Jet City Amplification, Vox and Zoom Guitar Effects. On the effects pedals side, the G2.1uN Pedal from Zoom was added to the performance, the audience could appreciate a “Breathing Dragon” of Distortion and multi-effects, when added to the already rich sounds of DBZ Guitars. A Tonelab ST Pedal from Vox was added latter, highlighting the great influence of British Rock Sound. More to come, stay tuned!

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